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Maid For Him
Marci Marie

Chapter One

Gina looked over at her daughter holding her hands over her ears like a two year old.  “You have to do this for me. I've made a promise and I intend to keep it.” Francesca gave her mother a weary look.
“Francesca, Please!” She pleaded.
“ No Ma!  I don’t want to be a part of whatever you and your friend are cooking up.”
Francesca rose from her chair, walked around her desk and faced her mother toe to toe. “ I know this is one of your schemes.” “Francesca. Darling, I’m not scheming.”
“Yeah, ha-ha right ma, anything that involves one of your friends’ usually ends with me on a date with someone’s son, nephew or a brother. No thank you.”
Giving her mother an identical look  similar to her own. Francesca crossed her arms over her chest she was just as determined to win this face off as her mother.  Two opposing forces neither willing to give in because they were too much alike  at 5’5 with Chestnut brown hair and grey eyes they could pass more for sister’s than mother and daughter. A demon in the gym and her  mother’s workouts paid off  because she was still shaped like a brick house dressed now in a cream color Versace  suite with her hair free flowing  around her  face. Her mother knew she could pass for forty and that’s all she wouldn't admit to as her age even too those who actually knew the truth. Now standing here with hands on hips they were having their own Mexican standoff.
“ YOU SERIOUSLY CAN”T DO THIS FAVOR THIS FOR ME?”  Francesca  smiled  shaking her head no . She watched as her mother’s eyes began to tear up. Her mother was smooth she was about to switch tactics and turn on her infamous water works. If it was one thing she knew about her mother she had a bachelors in theatrics.  Francesca smiled to herself as she watched  her mother change into character. Typical Gina Moretti  pulling  her conveniently placed hanky from her sleeve. She  hated when her mother resorted to tears. Tears and the labor story.  Plain and simple manipulation her mother was a master. She had a knack for making the innocent feel guilty. Just like her popup Frank the Nose.  Bless his sole.
“ How could you turn me down  Francesca?  Your, own mother. What  happened to our mother daughter bond? Does that mean anything to you?  I was in labor for two days. Pure agony.” Francesca wanted to laugh as her mother held up her two perfectly manicured fingers to emphasize her old speech. One finger holding a three caret canary yellow diamond ring that her father had given her for their twentieth wedding anniversary. This woman didn't even need to work lord forbid she chip a nail. The whole office was on lock down until she got it fixed.  When she had offered her  mother a job three years ago  to help her out  while she started up her business little did  she know  that the woman would become a permanent fixture. Not that she wasn’t a great receptionist / secretary she was still her mother. A bizzy body,  snoop  and a want to be matchmaker with delusions of a talking psychic fish named Boobie in her dreams.
 “ Stop it ma! Please!  Why me?”
“Because I told her that you’re the best darling. Francesca your number one in this city..Your worth every dollar they pay you and your girls and Marcella is willing to pay you well.” She sniffled.
“So this is not one of your schemes to get me a husband?”
“No! Of course not.” Francesca let out a relinquishing breath and headed  back to her seat.  Her mother followed suite taking a seat in front of her desk.  She knew her mother could tell a white lie without squirming under pressure she had witnessed it firsthand growing up .   A renowned shopaholic she was good at working figures and hiding  the evidence.  “You promise that this is not one of your attempts at match making.”
“I promise Francesca.” Francesca felt the goose bumps the minute her mother uttered the words.
“ Let me see your fingers and don’t cross your legs.”  Francesca watched her mother cross her heart than pinky swear.
“Ok tell me about her.”
“Marcella Binochi is the wife of Vincenzo Binochi the former CEO of Binochi Tools and Construction. Their son is Angelo. He took over the business about five years ago. Robert DeLuca is his CFO. It’s so wonder you  never meet Angelo being that he knows Robbie “
“ So Marcella wants to hire a maid service for   her son. Why can’t he do this himself? What’s his real problem?”
  “ He’s a momma’s boy Francesca. She cooks, cleans and she still washes his clothes.”
“Ma this is not unusual this is what most Italian mother’s do, spoil their sons. What’s new?”
“The thing is, Marcella husband Vinny is tired of her taking care of Angelo. He craving that extra attention since his retirement.” 
“Then she, should stop treating Angelo like he’s a baby and  let him be a man and find his own maid service. Then she could take care of her man. “
“That’s why she wants’ you.”
“Wants’ me or the service I can provide? See that’s what I’m talking about.”
“Francesca stop being paranoid.”
“You make me this way with your matchmaking.  Where did you meet Marcella Binochi?”
“Now I’m under interrogation. “ Gina threw her hands up in surrender.”Fine. In my spin class.” She lied. “Don’t look at me like that Francesca.” She pointed.
“How am I looking at you ma?”
“Like you don’t believe me.”
“I don’t.”
“My own daughter thinks that I would lie to her. You make me feel so un loved.” 
“Whatever ma. This just better not be another sorority sister of yours with an unattached son.”
“Noooo.  Of course not.  Just meet with Marcella. I’m telling you Francesca. Cella really has this boy spoiled.  She really needs our services.  She can’t sleep for worrying about how he will survive without her.”
“ Ma really,tell her to get a  sleeping pill and cut the apron straps .”
“I wish you had a brother. I would have spoiled him.”
“Put it out your mind those days  are over. You have me and this is it.”
“You never know stranger things have happened.”
“ Stop! Perish the thought. You and Daddy expecting. That’s just a wired and very icky.”
“ Please, If I wait for you to settle down and start a family I‘ll be  in an Urn on your mantle piece.”
 “No Ma the bookshelf in the dining room.”
“You don’t have a bookshelf in the dining room.”
“I know.” She smiled.
“See how you treat me after I've sacrificed my time to help you out here.”
“Ma you take an hour and half  lunch break and talk to your friends all day on the phone.”
“But do I get the job done.”
“Yes, ma you do.”
“And remember I look great doing it. So now on that note, you have to prepare for you two o’clock client meeting.”
“ So who is my two o'clock?”
“Marcella Binochi.”

Francesca watched her mother rise quickly from her seat and head out the office without a backward glance. “ You are so wrong.” She shouted.  Looking down at her watch.  Francesca noted that she had ten minutes to prepare for the match-making mom ma.
Marcella  did her research  French Maid may sound more like an undercover name for an escort service but it was a legit and highly recommended  maid service.  It was considered one of the best  and the owner dependable and beautiful. Not that she didn't believe her sorority sister when she said she had a daughter that would be the perfect match for Angelo.  She still had to do her own investigating and true to word Gina’s  her daughter was perfect. It had been like a god send when she had used that social net work to find old friends and Gina’s name had popped up. And the fact that her daughter was successful in her own right made it even better. So of course they had come up with a plan to get their kids to meet it was crazy but stranger things had happen she wasn't having any luck with Angelo any other way this seemed the best alternative, two stubborn children and two determined mothers.
Gina greeted her with a hug an announced her arrival through a intercom than led her in. “Make it work Cella.” Gina whispered after she made the introductions and left.
“Hi Mrs Binochi,
Cella mind began to process all the possibilities once she laid eyes on Francesca. The woman before her was very beautiful, nice height, beautiful smile, long shapely legs.  Her hand shake was firm and no nonsense she was perfect. Taking the seat she offered  in front of the stylish glass desk.  Cella took stock of  her surroundings. The office of the young woman was  classy  not overly furnished simple with two black leather chairs a couch  a couple beautiful abstract  paintings a nice view of the city skyline. Organized very organized nothing was out of place even the fresh flowers on the desk didn't dare to wilt. Nice. She definitely would work. Good teeth and great posture. Her son would definitely sleep with her but does she have what it takes to  make him settle down. Marcella mind was working fast. This one was perfect. Her pitch had to be perfect.
“Darling, I’m in desperate need my son Angelo is incapable of  taking care of himself.  He’s my spoiled baby boy. And I just can’t do it anymore my husband wants me totally to himself. “
Francesca couldn't help but smile. She knew a matchmaking mom ma when she saw one and Cella was one dressed similar to her mother but in black. She had to wonder if they had discussed what to wear on the phone the night before. Sitting back she took a good look at Mrs. Binochi she was a very attractive woman with Strawberry blond hair that framed her face in a mass of loose curls just like her mother she wore her age well. And if the two of them thought she was slow she had news for them she hadn't missed the little wink and head node as her mother left the office.
She could smell setup all over this; her mother and Cella were in cahoots she knew that for sure. Putting on her best poker face she wanted see how the two she devils where going to play there hand. So putting on her sweetest smile she gave Mrs. Binochi her undivided attention as she explained why her son Angelo needed her services.
“Alright so your son needs a maid male or female, which would you prefer?”
“You! I prefer you. “
“Me, I don’t do field work any longer unless it’s absolutely necessary.”
“It has to be you.”
Francesca arched a dark eyebrow at Marcella
“Well he’s a terrible womanizer, I don’t want any young impressionable girls as his maid. “
OK, so you want a man then.”
“Oh. No.”
“Mrs.Mrs. Binochi. I don’t think I’m going to be able to help you.”
“Francesca darling, I want you. You’re perfect.” Francesca felt a chill.  Mrs. Binochi’s blue eyes seemed to sparkle and a devilish smile spread across her face.  Too big of a smile. One she recognized one similar to her mother’s.  That sinister  evil smile that says you are going to do my bidding.      “ I’m desperate Francesca I won’t be able to sleep at night if it’s not you who takes care of my Angelo.”
“Cella I’m not a baby sitter.”
“  Okay Francesca. I see I can’t pull the wool over your eyes.” Francesca could actually see the change as Mrs. Binochi tried another approach. The woman was good. “ Francesca I hate to be blunt but hear it is. I need you to seduce my son,break his heart and show him that he can’t keep using woman and discarding them like underwear.”
“Excuse me?’
“Your mother said you would be perfect because you have no intention of ever getting married. She said your set on being an Old Maid.”
“My mother called me a what? ” Francesca held up her hand to quiet the woman in front of her. She couldn't believe her mother had said such a thing. She had plenty of dates in fact she had one tonight she just didn't believe in marriage because she hadn’t found the right man. Why couldn't  she enjoyed sex without commitment? This wasn't the seventies. If she didn't want to settle down she didn't have too.  Her best friend Lauren was the nun so to speak. Now she was irritated.
“I’m not an Old Maid. I date. I just haven’t found that special someone.”She explained. Francesca watched the smile spread wider across the woman’s face as she took her hands in hers in a motherly gesture.
“I know darling sometimes it takes time..It’s not easy finding a good man in this day and time. Back in the day us older girls went to college, found jobs then husbands. Now days you girls are all about careers, even after you have it all you still don’t.”
Had Mrs. Binochi just been insulted? Yes she had. This woman had politely insulted her with a smile on her face. 
“Look darling you’re a modern woman .Your perfect for my Angelo. I mean for this special job.”
“Have I just been hoodwinked?”
“Of course not. You have been chosen to take care of a difficult task that takes an exceptionally special person to handle.”
“Are you a witch Mrs. Binochi?”
“No. Why would you say that?”
“Because I feel like I've been bewitched.”
Francesca looked at the older woman  who laughed a little like the wicked witch of the west causing a slight chill to go up her spin as she agreed to take on the job.

“Two hours later she had half a note book on Angelo Binochi and his mother refused to give up a picture .”When you see him you’ll know why he gets what he wants from women but you see Francesca you have the same type of personality and your beautiful. You take what you want. Mrs. Binochi stood and instead of shaking her hand gave her a hug and was gone. Maybe she was an armature when dealing with the likes of Gina and Cella.

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