Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Maid For Him

Francesca Moretti

Age: 28
Parents: Salvatore and Gina Moretti
Hair Color: Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'5
Education: Bachelors in Political Science
Job: Owner of French Maid Inc.
Favorite Thing to do: Karaoke, Dance, Yoga and Hangout at her girlfriend La La's Bar and play pool

Hi, I Francesca I'm the only child of Sal and Gina Moretti. I grew up having everything a girl could want. I went to Catholic School than college. The college I attended was Columbia  I was suppose to be a lawyer but by the time I graduated I knew that wasn't for me.  While in college I joined the work force. I needed to prove to myself and my parents I could be self sufficient. Not having any real  work experience I got a job in a hotel as a housekeeper. As things go I discovered something people especially ones with money like to be taken care of so to speak. So with the help of my parents and a loan French Maid was born. Me and Lauren came up with the name because everyone calls me Frenchy. Yeah Frenchy..and don't ask why. Anyway I'm an Entrepreneur. My girls and guys make sure you come home to a happy home. We will run your household. We cook, clean, walk the dog and baby sit. The one thing I won't tolerate is fraternizing with the client.My business is doing well . I've expanded and now have over hundred employees. My mom is my administrative assistant and a busy body. Did I tell you she thinks it's time for me to settle down and start a family. She's ready for grand kids. I'm not. Did I say I hate being an only child..So much pressure. My mother seems to know everyone with a single son, brother or nephew..Did I tell you I'm tired of her attempts at match making and her crazy fish talk. Yeah well anyway I got a new client thanks to my mother. Yo! Gina, thanks alot..  Of course it,s a set up I can smell matchmaking all over this  and Cella Binochi is a master at manipulation. Should I be scared. Damn straight! She's good. She so smooth that I agreed to do the job personally. Me! The Boss..Guess what  I'm glad I took the job..and that rule about fraternizing with the client I'm about to break it.

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