Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Maid For Him

Angelo Binochi

Parents : Vincenzo  and  Marcella Binochi
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’2
Education: Masters in Business Finance Penn State
Job: CEO Binochi Tools
Favorite Thing to do : Make money and love not necessarily in that order. Avoid his matchmaking mother.

Hi I'm Angelo, yes I'm a momma's boy. Not by choice, by birth..being the only boy can be good and bad especially when you have three older sisters and a match making mother who is determined to see you married with children. Thank god that I travel out of state a lot. Anyway all of my sisters are married with children ...girls. They all have girls. And my mother Cella is putting it into my father's head that the only way they will have a grandson is through my loins. Yeah you heard me right. They are under the belief that I'm the boy maker.  So every family dinner. I get the speech about...I'm not getting younger..and there waiting for me to produce an male heir. I moved out took over the company and still my mother wants to control my life. I dare not hire a cleaning service or she would make my life miserable with the guilt and tears. Believe me I've been through it. I was so happy when my dad finally got mad because mom made me dinner and not him one night. He told her it was me or him. She couldn't take care of two men even if I am her son. Yea! Dad.. Mom no more interrupting my sleep overs . I hate putting girls in the closet. (Laugh) It is funny though. So I told you mom is a match maker right. Yeah..well low and behold she picked the cleaning service. It's called French Maid..That name is kind of hot.I wonder do they wear them little black and white dresses with thigh high stockings and black stilettos with that little duster. And of course she must bend over when she dust the tables. Ok that's a fantasy I've been having since the family told me. Guess what? ( Laugh)The joke is on me.  The maid is one hot babe and screw the fantasy ain't nothing better than coming home to the real thing with the exception of the duster and the outfit. I'll take the Raiders tee shirt and the pink panties shit I'm in trouble.

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